geir egil bergjord

Stavanger 2008 Residency

Geir, photographer from the Stavanger region of Norway was 1 of 6 artists-in-residence on the East coast of Scotland in the run up to Stavanger 2008, European Region of Culture.

With a unique outlook on life, Geir transforms simple and understated images of everyday items, interiors, flora, fauna, and places them in the context of their culture. Everything becomes a design-statement. He includes images of the outdoors, buildings, roads – in fact everything. Colour, form and light are used to great effect, highlighting each image in a very natural, unprocessed way.

The residency has been heralded a great success by Stavanger Manager, Angela Wrapson and discussions between Cromarty Arts Trust and Geir have led to the commissioning of a collection of images as part of Geir’s international collection.

His book, simply titled, Cromarty was launched in Edinburgh and Cromarty in March 2008.

Visit for further information on Geir’s residency.


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