Life Drawing Weekend

When: Saturday, November 10th 2012, Start Time: 10:00, End Time: 16:00

This is an opportunity to spend the whole weekend life drawing under the skillful guidance of Dean Melville.

Expressive Life Drawing

Expressive drawing can mean the difference between plain information or Magically Alive pieces of work!

It has been said that a solid understanding of drawing is the foundation for any painting, and that if there appears to be any sort of difficulty arising within a painting, there is a high possibility it owes its existence to a lack of drawing awareness.

Working directly from the human figure these two days will cover all aspects of drawing technique, such as Mark making, Proportion, Composition, Tone, weight, anatomy attitude and Colour
The objectives of this workshop are to build confidence in attitude and approach to the process, while combining this with sensitivity to technique.

Pencils (soft 2b 4b) charcoal (these are necessary)
Selection of colour (For instance; pencils, chalks, inks, pastels.
At least a couple of things would be handy, although take as much as you want.
Paper; a range of both quality and size is always a good thing.
Obviously the bigger sheets can be cut down if need be.
You might consider a Sketch Pad instead of loose paper. Or both!
A selection of off white paper is a good plan (not necessarily brightly coloured, more neutrals.
Sundries; Cotton rags are indispensable (not paper towel)
If you plan to use any wet material then something to hold water may be very helpful.
Masking tape or drawing tacks, Craft knife
A drawing board, just something rigid to attach the paper to, think lightweight.


Cost of the weekend is £100

Please bring your own lunch and  teas and coffees will be provided on both days.

Places are limited so please book early.

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