Closing Date for Creative Cromarty Competition

When: , End Time: 17:00

Creative Cromarty Competition 2010
Applicants are invited to produce a piece of work suitable for exhibition. Work can be in the form of Drawing, Painting, Mixed Media, Collage, Printmaking or Photography (digital or 35mm).
There will also be a Literary prize this year. The theme this year will be the Harbour.
The competition will consist of 2 categories with 3 prizewinners in total:
• Visual Art – (under 18’s and adult)
• Literary- The Written Word (open to all ages)

Each category will win a Cromarty Arts Trust Wooden Trophy carved by James Flavell to keep for one year.
If possible, works should be framed for exhibition at the Stables.
Closing date is August 20th 2010

We will exhibit all the entries at the Stables on the 31st August, where the winners will be announced.
This year’s competition will be open to visual artists as well as writers.

The competition will be judged by an independent panel.

Entries to Cromarty Arts Trust, Ardyne, 19 Bank St by 5pm on Friday August 20th
Phone 01381 600 354 or