Love in A Pleasure Garden

When: Friday, August 26th 2011 19:30, Start Time: 19:30, End Time: 21:30

Eighteenth century girl band’ Lady Georgianna are thrilled and delighted to announce the launch of their 2011 ‘Love in the Pleasure Gardens’ tour. From mid May to October the trio will be taking their carriage on the road and appearing at venues and events across the land.


From Cromarty to Cornwall, from Birmingham Pride to World Goth Day, from grand parks and palaces to galleries and gravel pathways – not to mention out on our city streets – Lady Georgianna’s tour brings the popular music of the 18th century pleasure gardens and the times of Jane Austen to 21st century ears.


The trio bedeck themselves in extravagant period outfits, with petticoats, lace, fans and feathers. They use voice, cello and harpsichord to perform what was essentially the pop music of the Regency period, making it humorous and highly entertaining to today’s audiences.


Lady Georgianna’s harpsichordist, Micaela Schmitz, notes, “This is like no other tour. We don’t just perform in concert halls; many of our tour dates are free to the public and are staged in outdoor spaces, bandstands, and parks, much as this music was heard in its own time - enjoyed over refreshments and with good friends or even new encounters - what could be more charming?”


Vocalist Abigail Seabrook adds, “People can enjoy our music indoors at a ball, or outdoors, where the imagination recalls the glitter of a thousand illuminations; where Flora’s temple drives intrigue and flirtation; where ‘Crazy Jane’ laments her lost love; where, in the song ‘Vauxhall Watch’, Tom the gatekeeper admonishes young ladies to give a care to their reticules. It’s all wonderful stuff and great fun!”

Tickets priced at £10 and £8 

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