GC Fisher - My Lockdown Novel

When: Sunday, May 5th 2024, Start Time: 12:45, End Time: 13:15

Where: Cromarty Courthouse

Part of:
Crime & Thrillers Weekend

GC Fisher is the pen name for Gina Fegan, a lover of stories and award-winning film and theatre producer. She was born and raised in Ireland when curiosity, impatience and a need to earn a living led her to travel the world and have many careers. From waitressing, teaching English, running festivals to working on a building site as an engineer, she has had plenty of opportunities to meet the characters who now inspire her novels.

Gina’s two Canterbury based books, written in lockdown, feature Maeve McPhillips, a reluctant psychic detective who discovers at the age of 40 that she can talk to the dead. Life with two teenage daughters, her eccentric mother and an unexpected house guest was hard enough during lockdown. Then a dead body turns up and her relationship with her boyfriend Det Inspector Maguire hits the rocks, Maeve has to come to terms with her growing powers. She must travel to Cromarty in Scotland to discover herself, but will she get there in time to stop the next murder?


20:00 - 21:30 , Victoria Hall, Cromarty

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Donna Freed in conversation with Nicola White

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JD Kirk, and introducing FE Birch

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Anthony Horowitz in conversation with Ian Rankin

15:45 - 17:00 , Victoria Hall, Cromarty

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